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nice touch

at the very end he is steaming a little bit, which is awesome cause I mean if you really were to run for a long time in the cold of night then you just stopped you would actually steam a bit. Just thought that was really cool that you would put in such a small detail.


WHY ISN"T THIS ON GOD DAMN TV YET!!! lol seriously I love this series, its epic in every way I honestly think this would be a great show on tv. Adult Swim maybe? haha I dunno I just think it really deserves it. anyone Ive ever show this to loves it you deserve a show this is great man I love you for making this

nicely done

duologue was good animation was also good the only thing was the audio it was kinda rough at parts but other than that it was great!

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5/5 10/10!!!

great game very addicting, I could see this going somewhere like to a console or something would be a very fun game That I would buy not as is but with the addition of more specific upgrades and more driving locations.
but all in all this game was awesome!


like the fact hte bullets don't fly perfectly straight and the leveling and power ups that was cool, but I think I have to say my most favoritest thing was the DOOM music!

kinda buggy

it won't register that I have been typing that often I have to keep retyping words, if I typed like at one letter every half a second it would but when I was typing full speed it didn't work ???but other than that it would be a good game

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I was really quite stuck on portion of a song that I'm working on, but somehow this song fixed that thanks !
I really loved this piece :) downloaded.

Zafrece responds:

Thank you sir, glad my song could help with writers block. Or lack there of x-x.. you get it..Any way, thanks for taking time to leave a comment.

I hope you check in again on me some time =p

You'd better make this a six minute song at least, and It better not take another year+ to do it because this shit is pretty damn good so far and I'm looking Forward to hearing the rest of it.

I hate you

I was just getting ready to log off and go to sleep but this energized me and woke me up, looks like your gonna be played all night tonight Minecraft.

Great song ! 10/10 5/5

viewtifulday responds:

I apologize for causing your restlessness :D Thanks for commenting!

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It seems as though this scribble style of sketches is becoming somewhat popular lol I did a piece with the same style of scribbling :D.
anyways It looks pretty good I think I'm going to draw a F^(&3D up version of Pacman as well :)

Sevens responds:

lol :) give it a shot, I would like to see the drawing

Did you create this over a preexisting photo? I mean it would diminish the quality of the work in any way but that's almost what it looks like, If you did or didn't It still looks Great.

sugarpolyp responds:

Haha, nah man, this is just out of my head. Thanks dude!

Damn, that's pretty F***** awesome, I Would be very interested in seeing more of this style.
Nicely Done.

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